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Farewell to the World

From the French.88Probably translated from Mad. de Bourignon, by John Byrom of Manchester. See 109.

World, adieu, thou real cheat!

Oft have thy deceitful charms

Fill’d my heart with fond conceit,

Foolish hopes, and false alarms:

Now I see as clear as day

How thy follies pass away.

Vain thy entertaining sights,

False thy promises renew’d,

All the pomp of thy delights

Does but flatter and delude:

Thee I quit for Heaven above,

Object of the noblest love.

Farewell Honour’s empty pride!

Thy own nice, uncertain gust,

If the least mischance betide,

Lays thee lower than the dust:

Worldly honours end in gall,

Rise to-day, to-morrow fall.

Foolish Vanity, farewell,

More inconstant than the wave!

Where thy soothing fancies dwell,

Purest tempers they deprave:

He, to whom I fly, from thee,

Jesus Christ, shall set me free,

Never shall my wandering mind

Follow after fleeting toys,

Since in God alone I find

Solid and substantial joys;

Joys that, never overpast,

Through eternity shall last.

Lord, how happy is a heart

After Thee while it aspires!

True and faithful as Thou art,

Thou shalt answer its desires:

It shall see the glorious scene

Of Thy everlasting reign.

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