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Spiritual Slumber

From the German.66Probably translated from the hymn, “Ach treib aus meiner Seel”: the author unknown. See Das Gesang-Buch der Gemeine in Herrn-Huth, 1737, p. 222.

O Thou, who all things canst control,

Chase this dead Slumber from my soul;

With joy and fear, with love and awe,

Give me to keep Thy perfect law.

O, may one beam of Thy blest light

Pierce through, dispel the shades of night

Touch my cold breast with heavenly fire,

With holy, conquering zeal inspire.

For zeal I sigh, for zeal I pant;

Yet heavy is my soul and faint:

With steps unwavering, undismay’d,

Give me in all Thy paths to tread.

With outstretch’d hands, and streaming eyes,

Oft I begin to grasp the prize;

I groan, I strive, I watch, I pray:

But ah! how soon it dies away!

The deadly Slumber soon I feel

Afresh upon my spirit steal:

Rise, Lord; stir up Thy quick’ning power.

And wake me that I sleep no more.

Single of heart! O may I be,

Nothing may I desire but Thee:

Far, far from me the world remove,

And all that holds me from Thy love.

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