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The Change

From the German.2929“Mein Jesu dem die Seraphinen” by W. C. Dessler. (1660–1722.) Herrnhuth Collect, p.250. Knapp, E. L., p.819.

Jesu, whose glory’s streaming rays,

Though duteous to Thy high command,

Not seraphs view with open face,

But veil’d before Thy presence stand:

How shall weak eyes of flesh, weigh’d down

With sin, and dim with error’s night,

Dare to behold Thy awful throne,

Or view Thy unapproached light?

Restore my sight! let Thy free grace

An entrance to the holiest give!

Open my eyes of faith! Thy face

So shall I see; yet seeing live.

Thy golden sceptre from above

Reach forth: see, my whole heart I bow:

Say to my soul, “Thou art my love,

My chosen ’midst ten thousand, thou.”

O Jesu, full of grace! the sighs

Of a sick heart with pity view!

Hark how my silence speaks; and cries,

“Mercy, Thou God of mercy, shew!”

I know Thou canst not but be good!

How shouldst Thou, Lord, Thy grace restrain?

Thou, Lord, whose blood so largely flow’d

To save me from all guilt and pain.

Into Thy gracious hands I fall,

And with the arms of faith embrace:

King of Glory, hear my call!

O, raise me, heal me by Thy grace!

—Now righteous through Thy wounds I am;

No condemnation now I dread;

I taste salvation in Thy Name,

Alive in Thee my living Head!

Still let Thy wisdom be my guide,

Nor take Thy light from me away;

Still with me let Thy grace abide,

That I from Thee may never stray.

Let Thy word richly in me dwell;

Thy peace and love my portion be;

My joy to endure and do Thy will,

Till perfect I am found in Thee.

Arm me with Thy whole armour, Lord,

Support my weakness with Thy might;

Gird on my thigh Thy conquering sword,

And shield me in the threatening fight.

From faith to faith, from grace to grace,

So in Thy strength shall I go on,

Till heaven and earth flee from Thy face,

And glory end what grace begun.

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