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To the Rev. Mr. Whitefield

Brother in Christ, and well-beloved,

Attend, and add thy prayer to mine,

As Aaron call’d, and inly moved,

To minister in things Divine!

Faithful, and often own’d of God,

Vessel of grace, by Jesus used;

Stir up the gift on thee bestow’d,

The gift through hallow’d hands transfused.

Fully thy heavenly mission prove,

And make thy own election sure;

Rooted in faith, and hope, and love,

Active to work, and firm to endure.

Scorn to contend with flesh and blood,

And trample on so mean a foe;

By stronger fiends in vain withstood,

Dauntless to nobler conquests go.

Go where the darkest tempest lowers;

Thy foes, triumphant wrestler, foil;

Thrones, principalities, and powers

Engage, o’ercome, and take the spoil.

The weapons of thy warfare take;

With truth and meekness arm’d, ride on;

Mighty through God, hell’s kingdom shake,

Satan’s strongholds, through God, pull down.

Humble each vain aspiring boast;

Intensely for God’s glory burn;

Strongly declare the sinner lost;

SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS o’erturn, o’erturn.

Tear the bright idol from his shrine,

Nor suffer him on earth to dwell,

To usurp the place of Blood Divine,

But chase him to his native hell.

Be all into subjection brought;

The pride of man let faith abase,

And captivate his every thought,

And force him to be saved by grace.

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