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Jesus, the all-restoring Word,

My fallen spirit’s hope,

After Thy lovely likeness, Lord,

O, when shall I wake up!

Thou, O my God, Thou only art

The Life, the Truth, the Way:

Quicken my soul, instruct my heart,

My sinking footsteps stay.

Of all Thou hast in earth below,

In heaven above, to give,

Give me Thine only Self to know,

In Thee to walk and live.

Fill me with all the life of love;

In mystic union join

Me to Thyself, and let me prove

The fellowship Divine.

Open the intercourse between

My longing soul and Thee,

Never to be broke off again

Through all eternity.

Grant this, O Lord; for Thou hast died

That I might be forgiven;

Thou hast the righteousness supplied

For which I merit heaven.

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