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The Same

God of Love, incline Thine ear!

Christ, my King, Haste and bring

Thy salvation near.

Thee my restless soul requires;

Restless till Thou fulfil

All its large desires.

Only Thou to me be given

Thou be mine, I resign

All in earth and heaven.

JESUS, come, my sickness cure;

Show Thine art, Cleanse a heart

Full of thoughts impure.

Painfully it now aspires

To be free, Full of Thee,

Full of hallow’d fires.

Lo, I tread on deaths and snares,

Sinking still Into ill,

Plunged in griefs and cares.

When, O, when wilt Thou appear?

O, draw nigh! Say, “’Tis I;”

And I will not fear.

Hasten, hasten the glad hour;

Come and be Unto me

Health, and love, and power.

CHRIST, my life, my inward heaven,

Through the whole Of my soul

Spread Thy little leaven.

Make me to the end endure;

Let me feel Love the seal:

Love shall make it sure.

Love, thine image Love, restore:

Let me love, Hence remove,

And be seen no more.

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