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Verses 30–35

By faith, while Israel’s host surrounds

Proud Jericho’s devoted walls,

The ark stands still, the trumpet sounds,

The people shouts, the city falls.

Rahab by faith deliverance found,

Nor perish’d with the accursed race;

The harlot, for her faith renown’d,

Amongst the worthies takes her place:

Worthies, who all recorded stand,

And shine in everlasting lays;

And justly now they each demand

The tribute of distincter praise.

Gideon and Barak claim the song,

And David good, and Samuel wise,

And Jephtha bold, and Samson strong,

And all the ancient prophets rise!

The battles of the Lord they fought

Through faith, and mighty states subdued;

And works of righteousness they wrought,

And proved the faithfulness of God.

They stopp’d the lions’ mouths, the rage

Of fire they quench’d, escaped the sword;

The weak grew strong, and bold to engage,

And chase the hosts that dared their Lord.

Women their quicken’d dead received;

Women the power of faith display’d,

With steadfast confidence believed,

Believed their children from the dead.

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