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Verses 13,14,15,16

The worthies these of ancient days,

By faith they lived, in faith they died:

Not yet received the promised grace,

But darkly from afar descried.

Assured the Saviour should appear,

And confident in Christ to come,

Him they embraced,—though distant, near,—

And languish’d for their heavenly home.

Pilgrims they here themselves confess’d,

Who no abiding-place must know;

Strangers on earth, they could not rest,

Or find their happiness below.

Regardless of the things behind,

The earthly home from whence they came,

A better land they long’d to find,

A promised heaven was all their aim.

Their faith the gracious Father sees,

And kindly for His children cares;

He condescends to call them His,

And suffers them to call Him theirs.

For them His heaven He hath prepared,

His New Jerusalem above;

And love is there their great reward,

A whole eternity of love.

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