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“These Things were Written for our Instruction”

Jesu, if still Thou art to-day

As yesterday the same,

Present to heal, in me display

The virtue of Thy name.

If still Thou goest about, to do

Thy needy creatures good,

On me, that I Thy praise may show,

Be all Thy wonders show’d.

Now, Lord, to whom for help I call,

Thy miracles repeat;

With pitying eyes behold me fall

A leper at Thy feet.

Loathsome, and foul, and self-abhorr’d,

I sink beneath my sin;

But if Thou wilt, a gracious word

Of Thine can make me clean.

Thou seest me deaf to Thy commands,

Open, O Lord, my ear;

Bid me stretch out my wither’d hands,

And lift them up in prayer.

Silent, (alas Thou know’st how long,)

My voice I cannot raise;

But, O! when Thou shalt loose my tongue,

The dumb shall sing Thy praise.

Lame at the pool I still am found:

Give, and my strength employ;

Light as a hart I then shall bound,

The lame shall leap for joy.

Blind from my birth to guilt and Thee,

And dark I am within;

The love of God I cannot see,

The sinfulness of sin.

But Thou, they say, art passing by;

O, let me find Thee near:

Jesus, in mercy hear my cry!

Thou Son of David, hear!

Long have I waited in the way

For Thee the Heavenly Light:

Command me to be brought, and say,

“Sinner, receive thy sight.”

While dead in trespasses I lie,

The quick’ning Spirit give;

Call me, Thou Son of God, that I

May hear Thy voice, and live.

While, full of anguish and disease,

My weak, distemper’d soul

Thy love compassionately sees,

O, let it make me whole.

While torn by hellish pride, I cry,

By legion-lust possess’d,

Son of the living God, draw nigh,

And speak me into rest.

Cast out Thy foes, and let them still

To Jesu’s name submit;

Clothe with Thy righteousness, and heal,

And place me at Thy feet.

To JESU’S name if all things now

A trembling homage pay,

O, let my stubborn spirit bow,

My stiff-neck’d will obey.

Impotent, dumb, and deaf, and blind,

And sick, and poor I am;

But sure a remedy to find

For all in Jesu’s name.

I know in Thee all fulness dwells,

And all for wretched man:

Fill every want my spirit feels,

And break off every chain.

If Thou impart Thyself to me,

No other good I need;

If Thou the Son shalt make me free,

I shall be free indeed.

I cannot rest, till in Thy blood

I full redemption have;

But Thou, through whom I come to God,

Canst to the utmost save.

From sin, the guilt, the power, the pain,

Thou wilt redeem my soul.

Lord, I believe and not in vain:

My faith shall make me whole.

I too with Thee shall walk in white;

With all Thy saints shall prove,

What is the length, and breadth, and height,

And depth of perfect love.

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