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Psalm 130

Out of the depths of self-despair

To Thee, O Lord, I cry:

My misery mark, attend my prayer,

And bring salvation nigh.

Death’s sentence in myself I feel;

Beneath Thy wrath I faint:

O, let Thine ear consider well

The voice of my complaint.

If Thou art rigorously severe,

Who may the test abide?

Where shall the man of sin appear,

Or how be justified?

But, O! forgiveness is with Thee,

That sinners may adore,

With filial fear Thy goodness see,

And never grieve Thee more.

I look to see His lovely face,

I wait to meet my Lord;

My longing soul expects His grace,

And rests upon His word.

My soul, while still to Him it flies,

Prevents the morning ray:

O that His mercy’s beams would rise,

And bring the Gospel-day!

Ye faithful souls, confide in God;

Mercy with Him remains;

Plenteous redemption in His blood

To wash out all your stains.

His Israel Himself shall clear,

From all their sins redeem:


And we are just in Him.

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