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2. Live - Thou shalt live. Eye - With all possible care and diligence.

3. Bind them - As a ring which is continually in a man's eye.

4. And call - Acquaint and delight thyself with her.

8. Passing - Idle and careless, near the corner of the street in which her house stood.

12. Without - Without the door of her house. Corner - Of the streets, where she might either conceal or discover herself, as she saw fit.

14. Offerings - I have paid my peace-offerings which I had vowed. Whereby she signifies, that she had plentiful provisions at her house for his entertainment. For the peace-offerings were to be of the best flesh, Lev. xxii, 21, and a considerable part of these offerings fell to the offerer's share.

20. Hath taken - Which is an evidence that he designs to stay a considerable time. At the day - So that we need not fear any surprise.

22. As an ox - Going to it securely, as if it were going to a good pasture.

23. His liver - His vital parts, 'till his life be lost.

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