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2. Shall boast - Shall glory in this, that I have so powerful and so gracious a master. The humble - The righteous.

3. Together - Not in place, for David was now banished from the place of God's publick worship, but in affection: let our souls meet, and let our praises meet in the ears of the all-hearing God.

5. Lightened - Comforted and encouraged. Ashamed - They were not disappointed of their hope.

6. This man - David.

7. The angel - The angels, the singular number being put for the plural.

8. O taste - Make trial, of it by your own experience of it. Good - Merciful and gracious.

9. Fear - Reverence, serve, and trust him: for fear is commonly put for all the parts of God's worship.

12. Life - A long and happy life, begun in this world and continued forever in the next. Good - In which he may enjoy good, prosperity or happiness.

13. Evil - From all manner of evil speaking, from all injurious, false and deceitful speeches.

14. Depart - From all sin. Do good - Be ready to perform all good offices to all men. Seek - Study by all means possible to live peaceable with all men. Pursue it - Do not only embrace it gladly when it is offered, but follow hard after it, when it seems to flee away from thee.

16. The face - His anger, which discovers itself in the face.

18. Nigh - Ready to hear and succor them. To - Those whose spirits are truly humbled under the hand of God, and the sense of their sins, whose hearts are subdued, and made obedient to God's will and submissive to his providence.

20. Bones - All the parts and members of their bodies.

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