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2. Salem - In Jerusalem, which was anciently called Salem. Zion - Largely so called, as it includes Moriah, an adjoining hill.

3. There - At Jerusalem. Sword - Both offensive and defensive weapons. Battle - All the power of the army, which was put in battle-array.

4. Thou - O God. Than - The greatest kings and empires of the earth, which in prophetic writings are often compared to mountains. And they are called mountains of prey, because they generally were established by tyranny, and maintained by preying upon their own subjects, or other kingdoms.

5. Sleep - Even a perpetual sleep.

6. Chariot - The men who rode upon, and fought from chariots and horses.

8. Thou - Didst execute judgment upon thine enemies, by an angel from heaven: which is said to be heard, either because it was accompanied with thunders and earthquakes, or because the fame of it was quickly spread abroad. Feared - The rest of the world were afraid to disturb Israel.

10 Surely - The furious attempts of thine enemies, shall cause thy people and others to praise thee for thy admirable wisdom, power, and faithfulness.

11. Vow - A sacrifice of thanksgiving for this wonderful deliverance. Let all - All the neighbouring nations submit to the God of Israel.

12. Cut off - As men do their grapes in time of vintage; so the Hebrew verb implies. The spirit - Their breath and life, as he did in the Assyrian army.

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