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1. Early - Hebrew. in the morning, Which implies the doing it with diligence and speed. Thirsteth - For the enjoyment of thee in thy house and ordinances. Flesh - The desire of my soul, is so vehement, that my very body feels the effects of it. No water - In a land where I want the refreshing waters of the sanctuary.

2. To see - To enjoy. Power - The powerful and glorious effects of thy gracious presence.

5. Satisfied - When thou shalt fulfil my earnest desire of enjoying thee in the sanctuary.

9. Shall go - Into the grave.

10. Foxes - Their carcases shall become a prey to wild and ravenous creatures.

11. The king - I who am already anointed king. Everyone - That sweareth by the name of God, in truth, and judgment, and righteousness. Every sincere servant and worshipper of God. Shall glory - Shall rejoice in my deliverance.

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