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4. Will praise - I will praise the Lord for his word, for his promises of protection and deliverance, made to his people. Flesh - Infirm and mortal men, called flesh by way of contempt, as chap. lxxviii, 39 Isaiah xxxi, 3.

6. They gather - After they have severally employed their thoughts against me, they meet together to compare them, and to put them in execution. Hide - They lurk secretly, that they may pry into my most private actions. Steps - That they may find some occasion to reproach me. Soul - Or, life, to take it away.

7. Escape - Shall they secure themselves by injurious and malicious practices. The people - These who are mine enemies.

8. Wanderings - How I have been hunted from place to place. Put - Regard and pity them. Are they not - But why do I pray to God to do that which he hath already done?

12. Thy vows - I had made vows to express my gratitude, and resolve to perform them.

13. Walk - That I may serve and glorify thee. The light - ln this life.

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