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In this and the following chapter care is taken about the priests that were to minister in this holy place. In this chapter,

I. He pitcheth upon the persons who should be his servants, ver. 1.

II. He appoints their livery; their work was holy, and so must their garments be, and answerable to the glory of the house which was now to be erected, ver. 2-5. (1.) He appoints the garments of his head-servant, the high-priest,

1. An ephod and girdle, ver. 6-14.

2. A breast-plate of judgement, ver. 16-29. in which must be put the Urim and Thummim, ver. 30.

3. The robe of the ephod, ver. 31-35.

4. The mitre, ver. 36-39. (2.) The garments of the inferior priests, ver. 40-43

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