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The laws of this chapter relate,

I. To the eighth commandment, concerning theft, ver. 1-4 Trespass by cattle, ver. 5. Damage by fire, ver. 6. Trusts, ver. 7- 13. Borrowing cattle, ver. 14, 15. Or money, ver. 25-27.

II. To the seventh commandment. Against fornication, ver. 16, 17. Bestiality, ver. 19.

III. To the first table. Forbidding witchcraft, ver. 18. Idolatry, ver. 20. Commanding to offer the first-fruits, ver. 29. 30.

IV. To the poor, ver. 21-24.

V. To the civil government, ver. 28.

VI. To the Jewish nation, ver. 13.

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