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Here is,

I. The extreme distress that Israel was in at the Red-sea.

1. Notice given of it to Moses before, ver. 1-4.

2. The cause of it was Pharaoh's pursuit of them, ver. 5-9.

3. Israel was in a consternation upon it, ver. 10-12.

4. Moses endeavours to encourage them, ver. 13, 14.

II. The wonderful deliverance that God wrought for them.

1. Moses is instructed concerning it, ver. 15-18.

2. Lines that could not be forced are set between the camp of Israel and Pharaoh's camp, ver. 19, 20.

3. By the divine power the Red-sea is divided, ver. 21. and is made,

1. A lane to the Israelites, who marched safely through it, ver. 22- 29. But.

2. To the Egyptians it was made,

1. An ambush into which they were drawn, ver. 23-25. And,

2. A grave in which they were all buried, ver. 26-28.

III. The impressions this made upon the Israelites, ver. 30, 31.

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