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In this chapter we have a farther account of Abram;

I. In general, of his condition and behaviour in the land of promise, which was, now, the land of his pilgrimage. (1.) His removes, ver. 1,3, 4, 18. (2.) His riches, ver. 2. (3.) His devotion, ver. 4, 18.

II. A particular account of a quarrel that happened between him and Lot. (1.) The occasion of their strife, ver. 5, 6. (2.) The parties concerned in the strife, with the aggravation of it, ver. 7. (3.) The stopping of it by the prudence of Abram, ver. 8, 9.

III. Lot's departure from Abram to the plain of Sodom, ver. 10-14.

IV. God's appearance to Abram, to confirm the promise of the land of Canaan to him, ver. 14-17.

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