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THIS is supposed to have been written by James the son of Alpheus the brother (or kinsman) of our Lord. It is called a General Epistle, because written not to a particular person or church, but to all the converted Israelites. Herein the apostle reproves that antinomian spirit, which had even then infected many, who had perverted the glorious doctrine of justification by faith into an occasion of licentiousness. He likewise comforts the true believers under their sufferings, and reminds them of the judgments that were approaching. It has three parts:

I. The inscription, Chap. i. 1

II. The exhortation,

1. To patience, enduring outward, conquering inward, temptations, 2-15

2. Considering the goodness of God, 16-18 to be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath And these three are,

1. Proposed, 19-21

2. Treated of at large.

a. Let hearing be joined with practice, 22-26 Particularly with bridling the tongue, 26 With mercy and purity, 27 Without respect of persons, ii. 1-13 And so faith universally with works, 14-26

b. Let the speech be modest, iii. 1-12

c. Let anger, with all the other passions, be restrained, 13- iv.1- 17

3. To patience again.

a. Confirmed by the coming of the judge, in which draws near The calamity of the wicked, v.1-6 The deliverance of the righteous, 7-12

b. Nourished by prayer, 13-18

III. The conclusion, 19


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