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THIS epistle seems to have been written soon after the former, chiefly on occasion of some things therein which had been misunderstood. Herein he,

1. Congratulates their constancy in the faith, and exhorts them to advance daily in grace and wisdom.

2. Reforms their mistake concerning the coming of our Lord And,

3. Recommends several Christian duties. The parts of it are five:

I. The inscription, Chap. i. 1, 2

II. Thanksgiving and prayer for them, 3-12

III. The doctrine concerning the man of sin,. ii. 1-12 Whence he comforts them against this trial, 13, 14 Adding exhortation and prayer, 15-17

IV. An exhortation to prayer, with a prayer for. iii. 1-5 them, to correct the disorderly, 6-16

V. The conclusion, 17, 18


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