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1. We - Paul and Silvanus. Could bear no longer - Our desire and fear for you.

3. We are appointed hereto - Are in every respect laid in a fit posture for it, by the very design and contrivance of God himself for the trial and increase of our faith and all other graces. He gives riches to the world; but stores up his treasure of wholesome afflictions for his children.

6. But now when Timotheus was come to us from you - Immediately after his return, St. Paul wrote; while his joy was fresh, and his tenderness at the height.

8. Now we live - Indeed; we enjoy life: so great is our affection for you.

10. And perfect that which is wanting in your faith - So St. Paul did not know that "they who are once upon the rock no longer need to be taught by man."

11. Direct our way - This prayer is addressed to Christ, as well as to the Father.

13. With all his, Christ's, saints - Both angels and men.

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