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In this book is set down the history of the Son of God dwelling among men; that,

I. Of the first days, where the apostle, premising the sum of the whole Chap. i, 1-14 Mentions the testimony given by John, after the baptism of Christ, and the first calling of some of the apostles. Here is noted what fell out,

The first day 15-28

The day after 29-34

The day after 35-42

The day after 43-52

The third day ii, 1-11

After this 12

II. Of the two years between, spent chiefly in journeys to and from Jerusalem,

A. The first journey, to the passover 13

a. Transactions in the city,

1. Zeal for his Father's house 14-22

2. The power and wisdom of Jesus 23-25

3. The instruction of Nicodemus iii, 1-21

b. His abode in Judea; the rest of John's testimony 22-36

c. His journey through Samaria (where he confers with the Samaritan woman) into Galilee, where he heals the nobleman's son iv, 1-54

B. The second journey to the feast of pentecost. Here may be observed transactions,

a. In the city, relating to the impotent man, healed at the pool of Bethesda v, 1-47

b. In Galilee, before the second passover and after. Here we may note,

1. His feeding the five thousand vi, 1-14

2. Walking upon the sea 15-21

3. Discourse of himself, as the bread of life 22-59

4. Reproof of those who objected to it 60-65

5. Apostasy of many, and steadiness of the apostles 66-71

6. His continuance in Galilee ` vii, 1

C. The third journey, to the feast of tabernacles 2-13 Here may be observed transactions,

a. In the city,

1. In the middle and end of the feast 14-53 viii; Where note,

1. The woman taken in adultery 2-12

2. Christ's preaching and vindicating his doctrine 13-30

3. His confuting the Jews and escape from them 31-59

4. His healing the man born blind ix, 1-7

5. Several discourses on that occasion 8-41

6. Christ the Door and the Shepherd of the sheep, 1-18

7. Different opinions concerning him 19-21

2. At the feast of the dedication. here occur,

1. His disputes with the Jews Chap. x, 22-38

2. His escaping their fury 39

b. Beyond Jordan 40-42

III. Of the last days, which were,

A. Before the great week, where we may note,

a. The two days spent out of Judea, while Lazarus was sick and died xi, 1-6

b. The journey into Judea; the raising of Lazarus; the advice of Caiaphas; Jesus's abode in Ephraim; the order given by his adversaries 7-57

c. The sixth day, before the passover; the supper at Bethany; the ointment poured on Jesus xii, 1-11

B. In the great week, wherein was the third passover, occur,

a. On the three former days, his royal entry into the city; the desire of the Greeks; the obstinacy of the Jews; the testimony given to Jesus from heaven 12-50

b. On the fourth day, the washing the feet of the disciples; the discovery of the traitor, and his going out by night xiii, 1-30

c. On the fifth day,

1. His discourse

1. Before the paschal supper 31, xiv, 1-31

2. After it xv, and xvi.

2. His prayer xvii, 1-26

3. The beginning of his passion,

1. In the garden xviii, 1-11

2. In Caiaphas's house 12-27

d. On the sixth day,

1. His passion under Pilate,

1. In the palace of Pilate 28 xix, 1-16

2. On the cross 17-30

2. His death 30-37

3. His burial 38-42

C. After the great week,

a. On the day of the resurrection xx, 1-25

b. Eight days after 26-31

c. After that

1. He appears to his disciples at the sea of Tiberias. xxi, 1-14

2. Orders Peter to feed his sheep and lambs 15-17

3. Foretells the manner of Peter's death, and checks his curiosity about St John 18-23

4. The conclusion 24, 25


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