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I. The beginning: and therein.

1. The conception of John Chap. i, 5-25

2. The conception of Christ 26-56

3. The birth and circumcision of John; the hymn of Zacharias; the youth of John 57-80

4. Christ's birth ii, 1-20 Christ's circumcision and name 21 Presentation in the temple 22-38 Country and growth 39, 40

II. The middle, when he was twelve years old and upward 41-52

III. The course of the history.

A. The introduction, wherein are described John the Baptist; Christ's baptism, and temptation iii, iv, 1-13

B. The acceptable year in Galilee,

a. Proposed at Nazareth 14-30

b. Actually exhibited,

I. At Capernaum and near it; here we may observe,

1. Actions not censured, while Jesus

1. Teaches with authority 31, 32

2. Casts out a devil 33-37

3. Heals many sick 38-41

4. Teaches everywhere 42-44

5. Calls Peter; then James and John Chap. v, 1-11

6. Cleanses the leper 12-16

2. Actions censured, more and more severally, here occur,

1. The healing the paralytic 17-26

2. The calling of Levi; eating with publicans and sinners. 27-32

3. The question concerning fasting 33-39

4. The plucking the ears of corn vi, 1-5

5. The withered hand restored; snares laid 6-11

3. Actions having various effects on various persons,

1. Upon the apostles 12-16

2. Upon other hearers 17-40

3. Upon the centurion vii, 1-10

4. Upon the disciples of John,

The occasion: the young man raised 11-17

The message and answer 18-23

The reproof of them that believed not John 24-35

5. Upon Simon and the penitent sinner 36-50

6. Upon the woman who ministered to him viii, 1-3

7. Upon the people 4-18 Upon his mother and brethren 19-21

II. On the sea, and 22-26 Beyond it 27-39

III. On this side again.

1. Jairus and the flux of blood 40-55

2. The apostles sent ix, 1-6

3. Herod's doubting 7-9

4. The relation of the apostles 10

5. The earnestness of the people; our Lord's benignity; five thousand fed 11-17

C. The preparation for his passion,

a. A recapitulation of the doctrine concerning his person: his passion foretold 18-27

b. His transfiguration; the lunatic healed; his passion again foretold; humility enjoined 28-50

c. His last journey to Jerusalem, which we may divide into eighteen intervals,

1. The inhospitable Samaritans born with 51-57

2. In the way, improper followers repelled, Proper ones pressed forward 58-62

3. Afterward the seventy sent; and received again x, 1-24

And the scribe taught to love his neighbour, by the example of the good Samaritan 25-37

4. In Bethany, Mary preferred before Martha 38-42

5. In a certain place the disciples taught to pray xi, 1-13

A devil cast out, and the action defended 14-26

The acclamation of the woman corrected 27, 28

Those who desire a sign reproved 29-36

6. In a certain house, the scribes and Pharisees censured. 37-54

7. Our Lord's discourse to his disciples xii, 1-12

To one that interrupts him 13-21

To his disciples again 22-40

To Peter 41-53

To the people 54-59

8. The necessity of repentance shown xiii, 1-9

A woman healed on the Sabbath 10-21

9. The fewness of them that are saved 22-30

10. Herod termed a fox: Jerusalem reproved 31-35

11. In the Pharisee's house, he cures the dropsy on the

Sabbath; and xiv, 1-6

Teaches humility 7-11

Hoseapitality 12-14

The nature of the great supper 15-24

The necessity of self denial 25-35

12. Joy over repenting sinners defended, and xv, 1-10

Illustrated by the story of the prodigal son 11-32

The unjust steward, wise in his generation xvi, 1-13

The Pharisees reproved; and warned by the story of 14-18 the rich

man and Lazarus 19-31

Cautions against scandals xvii, 1-4

The faith of the apostles increased 5-10

13. In the confines of Samaria and Galilee he heals ten lepers. 11- 19

14. Answers the question concerning the time when the kingdom of God should come 20-37

Commends constant prayer xviii, 1-8

Recommends humility by the story of the Pharisee and publican 9-14

15. Blesses little children 15-17

Answers the rich young man 18-27

And Peter, asking what he should have 28-30

16. Foretells his passion a third time 31-34

17. Near Jericho, cures a blind man 35-42

18. In Jericho, brings salvation to Zacchaeus xix, 1-10 Answers touching the sudden appearance of his kingdom. 11-28

D. Transactions at Jerusalem,

a. The four first days of the great week,

1. His royal entry 29-44

2. The abuse of the temple corrected 45, 46

Its use restored, and 47, 48

Vindicated xx, 1-8

3. His discourses in the temple,

1. The parable of the husbandmen 9-19

2. The answer concerning paying tribute 20-26

And the resurrection 27-40

3. The question concerning the Son of David 41-44

4. The disciples admonished 45-47

5. The poor widow's offering commended xxi, 1-4

4. His prediction of the end of the temple, the city, and the world 5-38

5. Judas's agreement with the chief priests xxii, 1-6

b. Thursday,

1. Peter and John prepare the passover 7-13

2. The Lord's Supper: discourse after it 14-23

3. The dispute, which of them was greatest 24-30

4. Peter, and the other apostles warned 31-38

5. On the Mount of Olives,

1. Jesus prays; is in an agony; strengthened by an angel; wakes his disciples 39-46

2. Is betrayed; unseasonably defended 47-53

3. Carried to the high priest's house 54

Denied by Peter 55-62

Mocked 63-65

c. Friday,

1. His passion and death: transactions,

1. In the council 66-71

2. With Pilate xxiii, 1-5

3. With Herod 6-12

4. With Pilate again 13-25

5. In the way 26-32

6. At Golgotha, where,

The crucifixion itself, and Jesus's prayer 33, 34

His garments parted 34

Scoffs: the inscription on the cross 35-39

The penitent thief 40-43

The prodigies, and the death of Jesus 44-46

The beholders of it 47-49

2. His burial 50-53

d. Friday evening and Saturday 54-56

e. His resurrection made known,

1. To the women Chap. xxiv, 1-12

2. To the two going into the country, and to Peter 13-35

3. To the other apostles 36-45

f. The instructions given his apostles: his ascension 46-53


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