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THE Gospel (that is, good tidings) means a book containing the good tidings of our salvation by Jesus Christ. St. Mark in his Gospel presupposes that of St. Matthew, and supplies what is omitted therein. St. Luke supplies what is omitted by both the former: St. John what is omitted by all the three. St. Matthew particularly points out the fulfilling of the prophecies for the conviction of the Jews. St. Mark wrote a short compendium, and yet added many remarkable circumstances omitted by St. Matthew, particularly with regard to the apostles, immediately after they were called. St. Luke treated principally of the office of Christ, and mostly in a historical manner. St. John refuted those who denied his Godhead: each choosing to treat more largely on those things, which most suited the time when, and the persons to whom, he wrote.

The Gospel according to St. Matthew contains,

I. The birth of Christ, and what presently followed it

a. His genealogy Chap i. 1-17

b. His birth 18-25

c. The coming of the wise men ii, 1-12

d. His flight into Egypt, and return 13-23

II. The introduction

a. John the Baptist iii, 1-12

b. The baptism of Christ 13-17

c. His temptation and victory iv, 1-11

III. The actions and words by which Jesus proved he was the Christ

a. At Capernaum 12-16

Where we may observe

1. His preaching 17

2. Calling Andrew and Peter, James and John 18-22

3. Preaching and healing, 23-25

4. Sermon on the mount v, vi, vii

5. Healing the leper viii, 1-4

6. The centurion's servant 5-13

7. Peter's mother-in-law 14-15

8. Many that were sick 16-17

b. In his journey (wherein he admonished two that offered to follow him) over the sea. Here we may observe

1. His dominion over the winds and seas 18-27

2. The devils passing from the men into the swine 28-34

c. At Capernaum again Here, ix,

1. He cures the paralytic 1-8

2. Calls Matthew, and defends his conversing with publicans and sinners 9-13

3. Answers concerning fasting 14-17

4. Raises Jairus's daughter (after curing the issue of blood). 18-26

5. Gives sight to two blind men 27-31

6. Dispossesses the demoniac 32-34

7. Goes through the cities, and directs to pray for labourers. 35-38

8. Sends and instructs labourers, and preaches himself. x, 1; xi, 1

9. Answers the message of John 2-6

10. Commends John, reproves the unbelieving cities, invites the weary 7-30

11. Defends the disciples' plucking the corn Chap. xii, 1-8

12. Heals the withered hand 9-13

13. Retires from the Pharisees lying in wait 14-21

14. Cures the demoniac, while the people wonder, and the Pharisees blaspheming, are refuted 22-37

15. Reproves them that require a sign 38-45

16. Declares who are his relations, and 46-50

17. Teaches by parables xiii, 1-52

d. At Nazareth 53-58

e. In other places

1. Herod having killed John, doubts concerning Jesus. Jesus retiring, is sought for by the people xiv, 1-13

2. He heals the sick, and feeds five thousand 14-21

3. His voyage and miracles in the land of Gennesaret 22-36

4. Unwashen hands xv, 1-20

5. The woman of Canaan 21-28

6. Many sick healed 29-31

7. Four thousand fed 32-38

8. Those who require a sign reproved xv, 39; xvi, 1-4

9. The leaven of the Pharisees 5-12

IV. Predictions of his death and resurrection

a. The first prediction

1. Preparation for it by a confirmation that he is the Christ. 13-20

2. The prediction itself, and reproof of Peter 21-28

b. The second prediction

1. The transfiguration, and silence enjoined xvii, 1-13

2. The lunatic healed 14-21

3. The prediction itself 22-23

4. The tribute paid 24-27

5. Who is greatest in Christ's kingdom xviii, 1-20

6. The duty of forgiving our brother 21-35

c. The third prediction

1. Jesus departs out of Galilee xix, 1-2

2 Of divorce and celibacy 3-12

3. His tenderness to little children 13-15

4. The rich man drawing back, and hence 16-22 Of the salvation of the rich 23-26 Of the reward of following Christ 27-30 Of the last and the first xx, 1-16

5. The prediction itself 17-19

6. The request of James and John; humility enjoined 20-28

7. The two blind men cured 29-34

V. Transactions at Jerusalem before his passion

a. Sunday His royal entry into Jerusalem xxi, 1-11 His purging the temple 12-17

b. Monday The barren fig tree 18-22

c. Tuesday, transactions In the temple

1. The chief priests and elders confuted By a question concerning John's baptism 23-27 By the parables Of the two sons 28-32 Of the vineyard 33-44

2. Seek to lay hands on him 45-46

3. The parable of the marriage feast xxii, 1-14

4. He is questioned, concerning paying tribute 15-22 The resurrection 23-33 The great commandment 34-40

5. Christ's question concerning David's Lord 41-46 Caution concerning the scribes and Pharisees xxiii, 1-12 Severe reproof of them 13-36 and of Jerusalem 37-39 Out of the temple:

1. His discourse of the destruction of Jerusalem, and the end of the world Chap. xxiv, 1-51

2. The ten virgins, the talents; the last judgment . xxv, 1-46

VI. His passion and resurrection

A. His passion, death, and burial xxvi, 1-2

a. Wednesday His prediction xxvi, 1-2 The consultation of the chief priests and elders 3-5 Judas bargains to betray him 6-16

b. Thursday

1. In the day time The passover prepared 17-19

2. In the evening The traitor discovered 20-25 The Lord's Supper 26-29

3. In the night

1. Jesus foretells the cowardice of the apostles 33-35

2. Is in agony 36-46

3. Is apprehended, reproves Peter and the multitude; is forsaken of all 47-56

4. Is led to Caiaphas, falsely accused, owns himself the Son of God, is condemned, derided 57-68

5. Peter denies him and weeps 69-75

c. Friday

1. The height of his passion In the morning

1. Jesus is delivered to Pilate xxvii, 1-2

2. The death of Judas 3-10

3. Jesus's kingdom and silence 11-14

4. Pilate, though warned by his wife, condemns him 15-26

5. He is mocked and led forth 27-32 The third hour The vinegar and gall: the crucifixion; his garments divided; the inscription on the cross; the two robbers; blasphemies 33-44 From the sixth to the ninth hour The darkness, his last agony 45-49

2. His death 50 The veil rent, and a great earthquake 51-53 The centurion wonders; the women behold 54-56

3. His burial 57-61

d. Saturday The sepulchre secured 62-66

B. His resurrection

1. Testified to the women by an angel xxviii, 1-8 By our Lord himself 9-10

2. Denied by his adversaries 11-15

1. Proved to his apostles 16-20

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