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v. 1-3,5-7

L. M.

Hearing of prayer.

O God of grace and righteousness,

Hear and attend when I complain;

Thou hast enlarged me in distress,

Bow down a gracious ear again.

Ye sons of men, in vain ye try

To turn my glory into shame;

How long will scoffers love to lie,

And dare reproach my Savior's name?

Know that the Lord divides his saints

From all the tribes of men beside;

He hears the cry of penitents,

For the dear sake of Christ that died.

When our obedient bands have done

A thousand works of righteousness,

We put our trust in God alone,

And glory in his pardoning grace.

Let the unthinking many say,

"Who will bestow some earthly good?"

But, Lord, thy light and love we pray;

Our souls desire this heav'nly food.

Then shall my cheerful powers rejoice,

At grace and favors so divine;

Nor will I change my happy choice

For all their corn, and all their wine.

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