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C. M.

Exhortations to peace and holiness.


Come, children, learn to fear the Lord

And that your days be long,

Let not a false or spiteful word

Be found upon your tongue.

Depart from mischief, practise love,

Pursue the works of peace;

So shall the Lord your ways approve,

And set your souls at ease.

His eyes awake to guard the just,

His ears attend their cry;

When broken spirits dwell in dust,

The God of grace is nigh.

What though the sorrows here they taste

Are sharp and tedious too,

The Lord, who saves them all at last,

Is their supporter now.

Evil shall smite the wicked dead;

But God secures his own,

Prevents the mischief when they slide,

Or heals the broken bone.

When desolation, like a flood,

O'er the proud sinner rolls,

Saints find a refuge in their God,

For he redeemed their souls.

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