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L. M.

Religious education; or, Instructions of piety.


Children, in years and knowledge young,

Your parents' hope, your parents' joy,

Attend the counsels of my tongue,

Let pious thoughts your minds employ.

If you desire a length of days,

And peace to crown your mortal state,

Restrain your feet from impious ways,

Your lips from slander and deceit.

The eyes of God regard his saints,

His ears are open to their cries;

He sets his frowning face against

The sons of violence and lies.

To humble souls and broken hearts

God with his grace is ever nigh;

Pardon and hope his love imparts,

When men in deep contrition lie.

He tells their tears, he counts their groans,

His Son redeems their souls from death;

His Spirit heals their broken bones,

They in his praise employ their breath.

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