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C. M.

Holy resolutions.

ver. 93

ver. 15,16

ver. 32

ver. 13,46

ver. 61,69,70

ver. 115

O that thy statutes every hour

Might dwell upon my mind!

Thence I derive a quick'ning power,

And daily peace I find.

To meditate thy precepts, Lord,

Shall be my sweet employ;

My soul shall ne'er forget thy word;

Thy word is all my joy.

How would I run in thy commands,

If thou my heart discharge

From sin and Satan's hateful chains,

And set my feet at large!

My lips with courage shall declare

Thy statutes and thy name;

I'll speak thy word, though kings should hear,

Nor yield to sinful shame.

Let bands of persecutors rise

To rob me of my right;

Let pride and malice forge their lies,

Thy law is my delight.

Depart from me, ye wicked race,

Whose hands and hearts are ill;

I love my God, I love his ways,

And must obey his will.

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