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C. M.

The wisdom of God in his works.

Songs of immortal praise belong

To my almighty God;

He has my heart, and he my tongue,

To spread his name abroad.

How great the works his hand has wrought

How glorious in our sight!

And men in every age have sought

His wonders with delight.

How most exact is nature's frame!

How wise th' Eternal mind!

His counsels never change the scheme

That his first thoughts designed.

When he redeemed his chosen sons,

He fixed his cov'nant sure;

The orders that his lips pronounce

To endless years endure.

Nature and time, and earth and skies,

Thy heav'nly skill proclaim;

What shall we do to make us wise,

But learn to read thy name?

To fear thy power, to trust thy grace,

Is our divinest skill;

And he's the wisest of our race

That best obeys thy will.

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