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S. M.

The warnings of God to his people.

Sing to the Lord aloud,

And make a joyful noise;

God is our strength, our Savior God;

Let Isr'el hear his voice.

"From vile idolatry

Preserve my worship clean;

I am the Lord, who set thee free

From slavery and sin.

"Stretch thy desires abroad,

And I'll supply them well:

But if ye will refuse your God,

If Isr'el will rebel;

"I'll leave them," saith the Lord,

"To their own lusts a prey,

And let them run the dang'rous road,

'Tis their own chosen way.

"Yet, O! that all my saints

Would hearken to my voice!

Soon I would ease their sore complaints,

And bid their hearts rejoice.

"While I destroy their foes,

I'd richly feed my flock;

And they should taste the stream that flows

From their eternal rock."

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