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L. M.

Praise for temporal blessings; or, Common and special mercies.


We bless the Lord, the just, the good,

Who fills our hearts with joy and food:

Who pours his blessings from the skies,

And loads our days with rich supplies.

He sends the sun his circuit round,

To cheer the fruits, to warm the ground;

He bids the clouds with plenteous rain

Refresh the thirsty earth again.

'Tis to his care we owe our breath,

And all our near escapes from death;

Safety and health to God belong;

He heals the weak, and guards the strong.

He makes the saint and sinner prove

The common blessings of his love;

But the wide diff'rence that remains,

Is endless joy, or endless pains.

The Lord, that bruised the serpent's head,

On all the serpent's seed shall tread;

The stubborn sinner's hope confound,

And smite him with a lasting wound.

But his right hand his saints shall raise

From the deep earth, or deeper seas,

And bring them to his courts above;

There shall they taste his special love.

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