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C. M.

A prayer-hearing God, and the Gentiles called.


Praise waits in Zion, Lord, for thee;

There shall our vows be paid:

Thou hast an ear when sinners pray;

All flesh shall seek thine aid.

Lord, our iniquities prevail,

But pard'ning grace is thine;

And thou wilt grant us power and skill

To conquer every sin.

Blest are the men whom thou wilt choose

To bring them near thy face,

Give them a dwelling in thine house,

To feast upon thy grace.

In answ'ring what thy church requests

Thy truth and terror shine,

And works of dreadful righteousness

Fulfil thy kind design.

Thus shall the wond'ring nations see

The Lord is good and just;

And distant islands fly to thee,

And make thy name their trust.

They dread thy glitt'ring tokens, Lord,

When signs in heav'n appear;

But they shall learn thy holy word,

And love as well as fear.

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