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L. M.

Incomparable food; or, The flesh and blood of Christ.

Jesus! we bow before thy feet;

Thy table is divinely stored;

Thy sacred flesh our souls have eat,

'Tis living bread; we thank thee, Lord!

And here we drink our Savior's blood;

We thank thee, Lord, 'tis gen'rous wine

Mingled with love; the fountain flowed

From that dear bleeding heart of thine.

On earth is no such sweetness found,

For the Lamb's flesh is heav'nly food;

In vain we search the globe around

For bread so fine, or wine so good.

Carnal provisions can at best

But cheer the heart, or warm the head;

But the rich cordial that we taste

Gives life eternal to the dead.

Joy to the Master of the feast;

His name our souls for ever bless;

To God the King, and God the Priest,

A loud hosannah round the place.

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