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C. M.

Praise to God from all creatures.


The glories of my Maker God

My joyful voice shall sing,

And call the nations to adore

Their Former and their King.

'Twas his right hand that shaped our clay,

And wrought this human frame;

But from his own immediate breath

Our nobler spirits came.

We bring our mortal powers to God,

And worship with our tongues;

We claim some kindred with the skies,

And join th' angelic songs.

Let grov'lling beasts of every shape,

And fowls of every wing,

And rocks, and trees, and fires, and seas,

Their various tribute bring.

Ye planets, to his honor shine,

And wheels of nature roll,

Praise him in your unwearied course

Around the steady pole.

The brightness of our Maker's name

The wide creation fills,

And his unbounded grandeur flies

Beyond the heav'nly hills.

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