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L. M.

Christ's sufferings and glory.


Now for a tune of lofty praise

To great Jehovah's equal Son!

Awake, my voice, in heav'nly lays

Tell the loud wonders he hath done.

Sing how he left the worlds of light,

And the bright robes he wore above;

How swift and joyful was his flight,

On wings of everlasting love!

[Down to this base, this sinful earth,

He came to raise our nature high;

He came t' atone Almighty wrath;

Jesus, the God, was born to die.]

[Hell and its lions roared around,

His precious blood the monsters spilt;

While weighty sorrows pressed him down,

Large as the loads of all our guilt.]

Deep in the shades of gloomy death

Th' almighty Captive pris'ner lay,

Th' almighty Captive left the earth,

And rose to everlasting day.

Lift up your eyes, ye sons of light,

Up to his throne of shining grace;

See what immortal glories sit

Round the sweet beauties of his face!

Amongst a thousand harps and songs,

Jesus, the God, exalted reigns;

His sacred name fills all their tongues,

And echoes through the heav'nly plains.

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