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HYMN 169



The Divine Perfections.

The Lord Jehovah reigns,

His throne is built on high;

The garments he assumes

Are light and majesty:

His glories shine

With beams so bright,

No mortal eye

Can bear the sight.

The thunders of his hand

Keep the wide world in awe;

His wrath and justice stand

To guard his holy law:

And where his love

Resolves to bless,

His truth confirms

And seals the grace.

Through all his ancient works

Surprising wisdom shines,

Confounds the powers of hell,

And breaks their cursed designs:

Strong is his arm,

And shall fulfil

His great decrees,

His sovereign will.

And can this mighty King

Of glory condescend?

And will he write his name,

"My Father and my Friend?"

I love his name,

I love his word;

Join all my powers

And praise the Lord.

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