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HYMN 115

C. M.

God the avenger of his saints; or, his kingdom supreme.

High as the heav'ns above the ground

Reigns the Creator, God;

Wide as the whole creation's bound

Extends his awful rod.

Let princes of exalted state

To him ascribe their crown,

Render their homage at his feet,

And east their glories down.

Know that his kingdom is supreme,

Your lofty thoughts are vain;

He calls you gods, that awful name,

But ye must die like men.

Then let the sovereigns of the globe

Not dare to vex the just;

He puts on vengeance like a robe,

And treads the worms to dust.

Ye judges of the earth, be wise,

And think of heav'n with fear;

The meanest saint that you despise

Has an avenger there.

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