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HYMN 142

S. M.

The humiliation and exaltation of Christ. Isa. 53:6-9,12.


Like sheep we went astray,

And broke the fold of God,

Each wand'ring in a diff'rent way,

But all the downward road.

How dreadful was the hour

When God our wand'rings laid,

And did at once his vengeance pour,

Upon the Shepherd's head!

How glorious was the grace

When Christ sustained the stroke

His life and blood the Shepherd pays

A ransom for the flock.

His honor and his breath

Were taken both away,

Joined with the wicked in his death,

And made as vile as they.

But God shall raise his head

O'er all the sons of men,

And make him see a num'rous seed,

To recompense his pain.

"I'll give him," saith the Lord,

A portion with the strong;

He shall possess a large reward,

And hold his honors long."

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