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HYMN 129


L. M.

Submission and deliverance; or, Abraham offering up his son. Gen. 22:6, etc.

Saints, at your heav'nly Father's word

Give up your comforts to the Lord;

He shall restore what you resign,

Or grant you blessings more divine.

So Abram with obedient hand

Led forth his son at God's command;

The wood, the fire, the kiufe, he took,

His arm prepared the dreadful stroke.

"Abram, forbear!" the angel cried,

Thy faith is known, thy love is tried

Thy son shall live, and in thy seed

Shall the whole earth be blest indeed."

Just in the last distressing hour

Tie Lord displays deliv'ring power;

The mount of dauger is the place

Where we shall see surprising grace.

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