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Song 13.

The danger of delay.


Why should I say, “‘Tis yet too soon

“To seek for heaven or think of death?”

A flower may fade before ‘tis noon,

And I this day may lose my breath.

If this rebellious heart of mine

Despise the gracious calls of Heaven,

I may be harden’d in my sin,

And never have repentance given.

What if the Lord grow wroth, and swear,

While I refuse to read and pray,

That he’ll refuse to lend an ear

To all my groans another day!


What if his dreadful anger burn,

While I refuse his offer’d grace,

And all his love to anger turn,

And strike me dead upon the place!

’Tis dangerous to provoke a God!

His power and vengeance none can tell:

One stroke of his almighty rod

Shall send young sinners quick to hell.

Then ‘twill for ever be in vain

To cry for pardon or for grace;

To wish I had my time again,

Or hope to see my Maker’s face.

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