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“The Lord is the portion of mine inheritance.” — Psalm 16:5.

Though some good things of lower worth

My heart is called on to resign,

Of all the gifts in heaven and earth,

The greatest and the best is mine

The love of God in Christ made known —

The love that is enough alone,

My Father's love is all my own.

My soul's Restorer, let me learn

In that deep love to live and rest —

Let me the precious thing discern

Of which I am indeed possessed.

My treasure let me feel and see,

And let my moments, as they flee,

Unfold my endless life in Thee.

Let me not dwell so much within

My bounded heart, with anxious heed —

Where all my searches meet with sin,

And nothing satisfies my need —

It shuts me from the sound and sight

Of that pure world of life and light,

Which has no breadth, or length, or height.

Let me Thy power, Thy beauty see;

So shall the hopeless labor cease,

And my free heart shall follow thee

Through paths of everlasting peace.

My strength Thy gift, — my life Thy care, —

I shall forget to seek elsewhere

The wealth to which my soul is heir.

I was not called to walk alone,

To clothe myself with love and light;

And for Thy glory, not my own,

My soul is precious in Thy sight.

My evil heart can never be

A home, a heritage for me —

But Thou canst make it fit for Thee.

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