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“If ye shall ask anything in my name, I will do it.” — John 14:14.

My prayer to the promise shall cling —

I will not give heed to a doubt;

For I ask for the one needful thing,

Which I cannot be happy without.

A spirit of lowly repose

In the love of the Lamb that was slain,

A heart to be touched with his woes,

And a care not to grieve Him again —

The peace that my Savior has bought,

The cheerfulness nothing can dim,

The love that can bring every thought

Into perfect obedience to Him —


The wisdom his mercy to own

In the way he directs me to take, —

To glory in Jesus alone,

And to love, and do good for His sake.

All this Thou hast offered to me

In the promise whereon I will rest;

For faith, O my Savior, in Thee,

Is the substance of all my reqnest.

Thy word has commanded my prayer,

Thy Spirit has taught me to pray;

And all my unholy despair

Is ready to vanish away.

Thou wilt not be weary of me,

Thy promise my faith will sustain,

And soon, very soon, I shall see

That I have not been asking in vain.

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