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“I commune with mine own heart.” — Psalm 77:6.

Ere another step I take

In my wilful wandering way,

Still I have a choice to make —

Shall I alter while I may?

Patient love is waiting still

In my Savior's heart for me;

Love to bend my froward will,

Love to make me really free.

Far from Him, what can I gain?

Want and shame, and bondage vile —

Better far to bear the pain

Of His yoke a little while.

Soon I might its comfort find;

Soon my thankful heart might cry,

“In Thy meek obedient mind,

As Thou walkest so would I.”

In His paths what could I lack?

God's own hand my cup would fill;

Hark! my Savior calls me back —

Shall I turn with all my will?

Still His wisdom I may get —

Learn to labor while I pray.

Striving till my feet be set

Firmly in the narrow way.

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