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About the On-line Southern Harmony

“William Walker's The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion is a remarkable book by virtually any measure. During the nineteenth century, when advertising was mainly by word of mouth . . . Southern Harmony sold about six hundred thousand copies. It is perhaps the most popular tunebook ever printed. Its longevity is also remarkable: it is still being used and sung from with loving care over one hundred and fifty years after its first edition. It is virtually unparalleled as a repository of the musical idioms current in the early nineteenth century, as well as of earlier idioms that were already becoming rare at the time of its publication. And it is one of the prime resources for succeeding generations of tunebooks. . . . this must be considered a publication of remarkable import."—From the introduction to the University Press of Kentucky edition.

This electronic edition has been through a number of generations. Current it is a CCEL ThML edition and also part of the CCEL's Hymnary project.


Peter Irvine, ObJN has recorded the midi files.

Vic Johanson typed in the texts.

Harry Plantinga created this edition.

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