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A. Grambling

Baptist Harmony, p. 266


Young people all, attention give,

While I address you in God's name;

You who in sin and folly live,

Come hear the counsel of a friend.

I've sought for bliss in glittering toys,

And ranged the luring scenes of vice;

But never knew substantial joys,

Until I heard my Savior's voice.


He spake at once my sins forgiven,

And washed my load of guilt away;

He gave me glory, peace, and heaven,

And thus I found the heavenly way.

And now with trembling sense I view

The billows roll beneath your feet;

For death eternal waits for you,

Who slight the force of gospel truth.


Youth, like the spring, will soon be gone

By fleeting time or conquering death,

Your morning sun may set at noon,

And leave you ever in the dark.

Your sparkling eyes and blooming cheeks

Must wither like the blasted rose;

The coffin, earth, and winding sheet

Will soon your active limbs enclose.


Ye heedless ones that wildly stroll,

The grave will soon become your bed,

Where silence reigns, and vapors roll

In solemn darkness round your head.

Your friends will pass the lonesome place,

And with a sigh move slow along;

Still gazing on the spires of grass

With which your graves are overgrown.


Your souls will land in darker realms,

Where vengeance reigns and billows roar,

And roll amid the burning flames,

When thousand thousand years are o'er.

Sunk in the shades of endless night,

To groan and howl in endless pain,

And never more behold the light,

And never, never rise again.


Ye blooming youth, this is the state

Of all who do free grace refuse;

And soon with you 'twill be too late

The way of life and Christ to choose.

Come, lay your carnal weapons by,

No longer fight against your God

But with the gospel now comply

And heaven shall be your great reward.

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