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The Converted Thief



Mercer's Cluster, p. 31.


'Twas on the cross the Savior hung,

And wept, and bled, and died,

He poured salvation on a wretch

that languished at his side.

His crimes with inward grief and shame,

The Penitent confessed;

Then turned his dying eyes to Christ,

And thus his prayer addressed:


Jesus, thou Son and heir of heaven!

Thou spotless Lamb of God!

I see thee bathed in sweat and tears,

And weltering in thy blood.

Yet quickly from these scenes of woe

In triumph thou shalt rise;

Burst through the gloomy shades of death,

And shine above the skies


Amid the glories of that world,

Dear Savior, think on me,

And in the victories of thy death,

Let me a sharer be.

His prayer the dying Jesus hears,

And instantly replies,

Today thy parting soul shall be

With me in paradise.

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