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Farewell [1]

12, 11



Come, Christians, be valiant, our Jesus is near us,

We'll conquer the powers of darkness and sin;

Through grace and the Spirit we'll glory inherit,

And peace, like a river, give comfort within.


We have trials and cares, and hardships and losses,

But heaven will pay us for all that we bear;

We'll soon end in pleasures and glory for ever,

And bright crowns of glory for ever we'll wear.


Young converts, be humble, the prospect is blooming,

The wings of kind angels around you are spread;

While some are oppressed with sin and are mourning,

The spirits of joy upon you is shed.


Live near to our Captain, and always obey him,

This world, flesh, and Satan must all be denied;

Both care and diligence, and prayer without ceasing,

Will safe land young converts to riches on high.


O mourners, God bless you, don't faint in the spirit,

Believe, and the Spirit our pardon he'll give;

He's now interceding and pleading his merit,

Give up, and your souls he will quickly receive.


If truly a mourner, he's promised you comfort,

His good promises stand in his sacred word;

O hearken and hear them, all glory, all glory,

The mourners are filled with the presence of God.


O sinners, my bowels do move with desire;

Why stand you gazing on the works of the Lord?

O fly from the flames of devouring fire,

And wash your pollution in Jesus's blood.


Brethren, in sweet gales we are all breezing,

My soul feels the mighty, the heavenly flame;

I'm now on my journey, my faith is increasing,

All glory and praise to God and the Lamb.

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