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The Traveller

7, 6



Come, all you weary travellers;

Come, let us join and sing,

The everlasting praises

Of Jesus Christ, our King;

We've had a tedious journey,

And tiresome, it is true;

But see how many dangers

The Lord has brought us through.


At first when Jesus found us,

He called us unto him,

And pointed out the danger

Of falling into sin;

The world, the flesh, and Satan,

Will prove a fatal snare,

Unless we do resist them,

By faith and fervent prayer.


But by our disobedience,

With sorrow we confess,

We've had too long to wander

In a dark wilderness

Where we might soon have fainted,

In that enchanted ground,

But Jesus interposed,

And pleasant fruits were found.


Gracious foretastes of heaven

Give life, and health, and peace,

Revive our drooping spirits,

And faith and love increase;

Confessing Christ, our master,

Obeying his command,

We hasten on our journey,

Unto the promised land.

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