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Redeeming Grace

9, 8


Come all, who love my Lord and master,

And like old David, I will tell,

Though chief of sinners, I've found favor,

Redeemed by grace from death and hell.

Far as the east from west is parted,

So far my sins by's dying love,

From me by faith are separated,

blest antepast of joys above.


I late estranged from Jesus wandered,

And thought each dangerous poison good,

But he in mercy long pursued me,

With cries of his redeeming blood.

Though like Bartimeus I was blinded,

In nature's darkest night concealed,

But Jesus' love removed my blindness,

And he his pardoning grace revealed.


Now I will praise him, he spares me,

And with his people sing aloud,

Though opposed, and sinners mock me,

In rapturous songs I'll praise my God.

By faith I view the heavenly concert,

They sing high strains of Jesus' love

O! with desire my soul is longing,

And fain would be with Christ above.


That blessed day is fast approaching,

When Christ in glorious clouds will come,

With sounding trumps and shouts of angels

To call each faithful spirit home.

There's Abraham, Isaac, holy prophets,

And all the saints at God's right hand,

There hosts of angels join in concert,

Shout as they reach the promised land.

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